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Leadership for Equity and Excellence

Leadership for Equity and Excellence
Creating High-Achievement Classrooms, Schools, and Districts

March 2003 | 178 pages | Corwin
`I feel it makes a contribution to the field in that it brings into focus the many aspects of equity and equality in one source. It makes an excellent base for some meaningful discussion of these issues by those working with aspiring educator leaders as well as those already in the field' - Deborah A Drugan, Principal General, John J Stefanik Elementary School, Chicopee, MA NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) District Principal

What sets this book apart from other writing about school leadership and successful schools is the authors' unflinching belief that there is great hope, in the midst of great hypocrisy, that American schools can narrow and eventually eliminate the achievement gap. James Joesph Scheurich and Linda Skrla make clear that there should be only one agenda for every classroom, school, and district in America. All students, regardless of culture, races, ethnicity, economics, language, gender, and lifestyle must be educated to attain well-defined high standards of learning.

The authors demonstrate how leaders in such schools mobilize faculty, staff, and community to openly study inequities among students and how standards, curriculum, and assessments are used as levers for identifying and improving student achievement. They describe how leaders promote purposeful and collaborative classrooms among teachers, administrators, and parents to improve instruction, create with others a climate of care, and use accountability and "equity audits" to continuously scan for inequities across multiple domains of student learning and activities. This book is both eloquent in its simplicity to understand and deeply moving in its call to action. It will provide you with a world of practice - drawn from schools, faculty, and leaders who make the belief, the practice of their work

Carl D. Glickman
About the Authors
1. Working on the Dream
What We Will Cover in the Book

2. Learning To Believe the Dream Is Possible
Barriers to Believing

Learning to Believe


3. Standards and Curriculum
Why Use Standards?

The Necessity of Curriculum Alignment

How Allignment of Standards and Curriculum Works in Creating Equitable and Excellent Schools


4. Instruction and Classroom Climate
High Expectations and Respect

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Loving and Caring in the Classroom

Democratic, Collaborative Teaching Environments

Continual Development of Content Expertise

Discipline Problems Are Largely a Function of Inequity, a Lack of Caring, and Weak Instruction


5. Accountability and Appropriate Data Usage
Avoiding the Test Factory Response to Accountability

Using Accountability Positively for Equitable and Excellent Schooling


6. Using Data to Uncover and Erase Systemic Inequities
Applying Equity Audits to Gifted and Talented Program Data

Using Equity Audits on Special Education Data

Using Equity Audits on Discipline

A Process for Addressing Inequities Identified by Equity Audits

Using Equity Audits on Achievement Data and Teacher Quality Data


7. School Leadership and Continuous Improvement
Three Essential Characteristics of Leadership for Equity and Excellence

Sustaining Yourself as a Leader for Equity and Excellence

A Note for Campus and District Leaders on Building Leadership Capacity

A Note to Principals and District Leaders About Assistant Principals


8. Proactive Redundancy
Proactive Redundancy in the Classroom

Proactive Redundancy in Teacher Professional Development

Proactive Redundancy Involving District Support Staff

The Importance of Proactive Redundancy in Equitable and Excellent Schools


9. Deep Collaboration with Parents and Community

10. The Final Call: Working on the Dream Each Day in Every Way
What We See in the Future

Final Words, the Final Call


"It brings into focus the many aspects of equity and equality in one source. It makes an excellent base for some meaningful discussion of these issues by those working with aspiring educator leaders, as well as those already in the field."

Deborah A. Drugan, Principal
General John J. Stefanik Elementary School, Chicopee, MA
Key features
  • Equity is a perennial topic, but with the changing demographics of the U.S., the topic is receiving tremendous attention and fast becoming a "hot topic."
  • The Bush administration is focusing on accountability, as well as the field of education, and the accountability framework for this book support that focus.
  • Both authors have been exceptionally visible in this area, presenting frequently at UCEA, AERA, NCPEA, AND AASA, and have published several journal articles leading up to this book (including a guest-edited volume of EUS). I began discussing the project with them almost three years ago.
  • Only equity book to take a districtwide approach, with a concentrated focus on accountability and achievement.
  • Unique author-created Equity and Excellence Audit tool is included.

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