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Leadership and the Force of Love

Leadership and the Force of Love
Six Keys to Motivating With Love

November 2001 | 136 pages | Corwin

Through vivid, real-world examples and an engaging approach to effective leadership, visionary author John Hoyle masterfully illustrates the key to success in any industry, whether the setting is the classroom or the boardroom. Leadership and the Force of Love is a profound yet straightforward exploration of how leaders can inspire others to greatness through these six key actions:

  • Visioning
  • Communicating
  • Teamworking
  • Empowering
  • Mentoring
  • Evaluating

Though educators are frequently faced with the challenges of politics, hostility, selfishness, and violence, Hoyle demonstrates that overcoming these obstacles requires teamwork, motivation, empowerment, and communication. While many have written about moral leadership, the notion of leading with love has been largely ignored. Hoyle discusses the implications for love in leadership and affirms once and for all that if you can't love you can't lead.



About the Author
1. If You Can't Love, You Can't Lead
2. Visioning With Love
3. Communicating With Love
4. Teamworking With Love
5. Empowering With Love
6. Mentoring With Love
7. The Sixth Key: Evaluating With Love

In this wonderful new book, Hoyle writes about the one four-letter word that leaders most avoid but should not—-love. He shares his understanding that the quickest way to the head is through the heart and leaders who can’t love, can’t lead.

Paul D. Houston, Executive Director
American Association of School Administrators

This heartwarming book is vintage Hoyle--filled with insight and joy, the message is clear--love, you can’t lead without it! A must read for every member of your administrative team.

Thomas J. Sergiovanni, Lillian Radford Professor of Education and Administration
Trinity University, TX

John Hoyle has written a powerful and very readable book about the force of love in producing champions in sports, business, education, and government. His real life stories and examples are filled with advice, humor, and inspsiration to jump-start your leadership efforts. A must read for your management team and friends.

Gene Stallings, Coach
National Champions Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team

This powerful message comes at just the right time. We are indebted to John Hoyle for sharing his refreshing perspective on educational leadership and school reform that focuses on the worth and dignity of everyone involved.

Martha McCarthy, Chancellor's Professor
Indiana University

Leadership and the Force of Love portrays a powerful message. Dr. Hoyle delivers a unique and proven approach to leadership. By de-emphasizing the theories of leadership and focusing on the actual behaviors of successful leaders, this book will help all audiences gain an understanding of why effective leaders that incorporate these concepts are known by what they do— not what they say.

Ben D. Welch, Director
Center for Executive Development, Texas A&M University

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