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Integrating Inquiry Across the Curriculum

Integrating Inquiry Across the Curriculum

Edited by:

April 2005 | 288 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Joseph Exline

This edited work looks at how the concept of inquiry-based learning can be applied to all subject areas. Inquiry learning is similar to many other popular forms of curriculum and instruction, including student-centered and activity-based.

Covering history/social studies, geography, mathematics, English/language arts, and special education, this practitioner-friendly book includes tools, strategies,sample lesson plans and assessment strategies. In addition, the chapters are aligned with the content standards in each subject area.

Joseph Exline
About the Editors
About the Authors
Part I: Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry in the Content Areas
Richard H. Audet
1. Inquiry: A Continuum of Ideas, Issues, and Practices
Alan Canestrari
2. Social Studies and Geography: Beyond Rote Memorization
Linda K. Jordan
3. Science Inquiry: Is There Any Other Way?
Kathleen Anderson Steeves
4. History: Uncovering the Past Through Inquiry
Jenny Tsankova and Galina Dobrynina
5. Mathematics: Developing Curious Students
Jane S. Townsend
6. Language Arts: Explore, Create, Discover Through Inquiry
Richard H. Audet
7. Curriculum Integration: Capitalizing on Student Inquiry
Part II: Creating Conditions for Successful Student Inquiry
David White and Patricia Fitzsimmons
8. Assessment in the Inquiry Classroom: Asking the Right Questions
Bruce Marlowe and Marilyn Page
9. Inquiry Learning and Special Education Students: Rejecting Instruction That Disables
Fred Dobb
10. Inquiry-Based Instruction for English Learners: Ten Essential Elements
Linda S. Shore
11. Museum Experiences That Support Classroom Inquiry and Teacher Professional Development

"There is a series of concrete guidelines and suggestions for facilitating implementation of inquiry-based instruction that teachers will find very useful . . . this is a worthwhile collection of essays that could easily serve as a stimulating and beneficial book for a reading group or staff development resource."

NSTA Recommends, October 2005
National Science Teachers Association

"As the book makes apparent, any good inquiry starts out with a good question. As it turns out, these questions are good starting points for inquiries by educators into inquiry, and this volume is an excellent companion to beginning such a quest."

PsycCRITIQUES, January 2006
Vol. 51

"This collection of case studies will provide teachers with the necessary background to transform their classrooms and to maximize student learning."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2006

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