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Inclusion Activities That Work! Grades 6-8

Inclusion Activities That Work! Grades 6-8

October 2007 | 96 pages | Corwin

A Corwin Press Classroom Activity Book Download a Sample Lesson Plan and Student Activity
Download a Sample Lesson Plan
and Student Activity

Proven inclusion strategies for every middle school classroom!

Expert educator Toby Karten helps teachers meet the challenge of inclusion by providing the tools they need to teach identical standards to students with diverse abilities. Using the successful format from her best-selling Inclusion Strategies That Work!, Karten translates core strategies into classroom-tested activities that can be modified for students at any skill or ability level.

This comprehensive resource covers a variety of topics, including reading, writing, math, connecting students to the curriculum, comprehension and study skills, and reflective assessment, testing, and grading. Karten's ready-to-use activities make it easy for teachers to create an accepting and empathic classroom climate that motivates all learners. Middle school teachers will discover how to enhance student performance by setting academic goals and improving students' study skills, promote learning beyond the basic concepts, and much more.

Perfect for both general and special education teachers, this practical volume includes:

  • Strategies for deciphering difficult words and figurative language
  • A step-by-step guide through the writing process
  • Planners and graphic organizers
  • Meaningful, real-life math connections through authentic tasks
  • Self- and peer-assessment tools

Packed with creative, step-by-step activities, this essential resource helps teachers instruct students of differing abilities, learning styles, and intelligences while meeting national standards.

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About the Author
Toby J. Karten is an experienced educator who has been involved in the field of special education since 1976 and has had the opportunity to help many children and adults from elementary through graduate levels. Along with being a resource center teacher in New Jersey, Karten has developed a graduate course entitled Disability Awareness and has presented at local, state, and national workshops and conferences. Karten has been recognized by both the Council for Exceptional Children and the New Jersey Department of Education as an exemplary educator, receiving two "Teacher of the Year" awards. She has an undergraduate degree in special education from Brooklyn College, a master's degree from the College of Staten Island, and a supervisory degree from Georgian Court College.

Connnections to Standards
Put It Into Practice
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Math
4. Connecting Students to the Curriculum
5. Comprehension and Study Skills
6. Reflective Assessment, Testing, and Grading
7. Creating a Climate for Classroom Acceptance
8. Teacher-Friendly Inclusion Forms

“The different grade levels and approaches of these workbooks make them a top pick for any library strong in classroom workbooks and activities for teachers. Each workbook holds some 96 pages of projects, with fill-in blanks and ideas perfect for photocopying and classroom use. All are outstanding workbooks that teachers will appreciate.”

California Bookwatch, March 2008
Midwest Book Review

A great book which has been used for students with additional needs as well as a resource for access students interesting in SEN work.

Miss Laura Cobbin
Education, Peterborough Regional College
September 9, 2016
Key features
This activity book:
  • Offers research-based, practical activities for the inclusive classroom
  • Provides helpful "Inclusion Tips" that accommodate all students' learning styles
  • Illustrates active learning environments that apply across the curriculum

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