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How to Change a Rotten Attitude

How to Change a Rotten Attitude
A Manual for Building Virtue and Character in Middle and High School Students

December 1997 | 192 pages | Corwin
Teachers face many pressures today - not least of which is the disruptive and destructive behaviour of some students. This book was written to help secondary school teachers reach difficult students. The author provides numerous assessments and scoring forms for measuring virtue and he discusses the personal cycles that perpetuate virtue or its lack and shows teachers how they can instill virtue in their students.

Restoring Virtue to Education
How to Think about Virtue
How to Make Virtue Operational
How to Measure Virtue
The Students of Frost Independent School District
Scoring and Assessing the Questionnaire
The Dynamics of Knowledge and Virtue
The Self Cycles
Preparing the Heart for Instilling Virtue
Principles for Instilling Virtue

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