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Growing Into Equity

Growing Into Equity
Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools

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July 2013 | 216 pages | Corwin
This book explores how educators at four schools learn, facilitate learning, and systemically grow into equity while personalizing instruction. It explores the professional learning, leadership, and systems that enable this to happen. The book features four high-performing, Title I schools and the practices and systems needed to personalize student and ongoing professional learning. It provides specific findings and guidance.

This book sets out to answer two questions:

- what does professional learning look like at school communities that are seeking to meet the needs of each learner?

- what leadership and systems enable professional learning that advances equity and personalization?

It helps educational leaders visualize, understand, guide, and sustain professional learning that helps educators attend to a range of unique student gifts and needs, and navigate the shift to providing individualized learning for all students. It provides an analysis of how leaders can support professional learning of teachers, a range of school teams, and the school community as a whole, in service of deepening equity-focused, individualized learning at every level.

About the Authors
1. The Case for Professional Learning to Support Equity and Personalization
Part I. Learning in Action: Four School Communities
2. Know Them by Name, Know Them by Need: Stults Road Elementary School (PreK-6), Dallas, Texas
3. Students First: Social Justice Humanitas Academy (Grades 9-12), Los Angeles, California
4. The Variables Are Time and Support: Montgomery Center School (PreK-8), Montgomery Center, Vermont
5. Heat and Light: Tusculum View Elementary School (PreK-5), Greeneville, Tennessee
Part II. Professional Learning to Advance Equity: Findings and Practices
6. Equity and Supporting Core Values
7. Personalized Adult and Student Learning
8. Leadership and Systems
9. Call to Action
Description of Online Resources

"In a series of compelling and vivid case studies, authors Sonia Caus Gleason and Nancy Gerzon uncover a vision for education in which all students matter and each student succeeds. For anyone concerned with social justice in our nation's schools, this is a must-read book."

Margaret Heritage, Assistant Director
National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing, UCLA
Key features
For funding: The reauthorization of ESEA presses for a new definition of professional learning, one that supports learning that takes place predominantly in schools, that happens in teams, and that is embedded in the daily schedule and work of schools. Professional learning can get closer to the ground. There is a focus on rigorous national standards, which can raise achievement if we can make the standards relevant and exciting for students. There is also a powerful movement to move away from the recent, narrow focus on assessment that emphasizes high stakes testing. Two national, multi-state assessment consortia will seek to create assessment systems that embrace measures better equipped to inform instruction on a regular basis. There is also movement to develop state supervision and evaluation systems, that, at their best, could help build educator capacity to attend to student needs. Growing interest in developing proficiency-based learning requires understanding students and tracking their progress better, so they can proceed at an individual pace. This range of efforts, alongside interest in individualizing learning, creates a context for shaping professional learning that better focuses attention on individual students.

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