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Grin & Share It!

Grin & Share It!
More Laugh Lines for Educators

October 2007 | 120 pages | Corwin
This compact book is a sequel to Laugh Lines for Educators and will provide educators with more laughs, chuckles, and grins. The book contains humorous stories, jokes, and original artwork organised around the following themes: Children, Teaching, School Daze (children in school), and Special Occasions. The book can be used as a collection of ideas for icebreakers, staff meetings, newsletters and written correspondence, cards, speeches and presentations, and as clever, pick-me-up reading posting in the office or teacher lounge.

About the Author
1. Children
2. Teaching
3. School Daze
4. College
5. Special Occasions

"Once again, Diane Hodges has given us little reminders of why we are doing what we do. I reproduce the humorous items on index cards, and when a staff member is having a bad day, I choose one that is appropriate and hand it to them. I’ve yet to have someone leave the office without a smile."

Deb Macklin, Secretary
Jennings Elementary, Quincy, MI
Key features
  • Fun, funny, and touching stories
  • A collection of ideas to add fun on the job, spice up written and oral communication, and energize the school environment

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