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Facilitator's Guide to Leading Every Day

Facilitator's Guide to Leading Every Day

Second Edition

November 2005 | 80 pages | Corwin

Inspire the leader in you and positively influence the people around you!

Praise for Leading Every Day: 124 Actions for Effective Leadership, Second Edition:

"Leading Every Day underscores the cumulative effects of particular day-to-day leadership acts as practiced throughout the organization. The kinds of actions recommended by the authors of this practical and valuable book shape the school community and nurture a commitment to continuous improvement no matter how challenging the environment in which a school resides."
-Dennis Sparks, Executive Director
National Staff Development Council

"The new edition is an indispensable resource for the practiced leader (with) contemplations that can guide, inform and challenge all school leaders' thinking and moral ethical actions. With the investment of just a few minutes each day, the reader can have an in-depth consideration of why we do this work."
-Randall B. Lindsey, Director
Education Leadership Doctorate Program, California Lutheran University

"Among the plethora of resources on leadership, this book stands out for its simple, profound way of connecting personal reflections on leadership to the actual work of leaders to improve teaching and learning. It is a must-have resource for anyone committed to leading, supporting, and sustaining research-based and data-informed improvements in education."
-Page Keeley, Senior Science Program Director
Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance

As our society faces more complex challenges, the demand for effective leadership grows. Leaders, especially education leaders, often need to solve complicated problems quickly with limited resources. Understanding their own leadership styles, roles, and practices enhances the impact that leaders have every day.

Designed to provide educational leaders and staff developers with all the materials to plan a workshop or study group around the second edition of the best-selling 2003 NSDC Book of the Year, this facilitator's guide provides four full months of contemplations centered on the major areas in which leaders work. Modeling the philosophy that leadership exists in all of us, the authors inspire educators to lead in big and small ways:

  • Inspirational stories illustrating effective leadership
  • Cogent quotations for educators to carry with them each day
  • Actionable advice that can be implemented today
  • Invitations for larger discourse that can change the lives of leaders and the lives of those they lead
  • The latest research on best practices in leadership, change, professional development, and group leadership

The Facilitator's Guide to Leading Every Day, Second Edition, helps you effectively enhance leadership practice in yourself and others through discussion, reflection, and application of the concepts introduced by these best-selling authors and leadership experts.

See Leading Every Day, Second Edition

About the Authors
1. Leadership Every Day
Theme 1: Leadership Practices
Theme 2: Culture for Effectiveness
Theme 3: Leadership Challenges
Theme 4: Leadership Traits
Resources for Extending Your Learning
Handout 1.1: Culture Assessment Form
2. Leading Change
Theme 1: Nature of Change
Theme 2: Successful Change Efforts
Theme 3: Challenges of Change
Theme 4: Leading Change
Resources for Extending Your Learning
Handout 2.1: Multiple Change Efforts
Handout 2.2: Beliefs About Change
Handout 2.3: Components of Change
3. Leading Learning Communities
Theme 1: Leading Learning Communities
Theme 2: How People Learn
Theme 3: Effective Professional Development
Theme 4: Strategies for Professional Learning
Resources for Extending Your Learning
Handout 3.1: Cultural Proficiency Continuum
4. Leading Effective Groups
Theme 1: Leading Groups
Theme 2: Facilitating Group Interactions
Theme 3: Making Decisions
Theme 4: Addressing Conflict and Problems
Resources for Extending Your Learning
Handout 4.1: Leaders Roles in Groups: A Case for Discussion
Handout 4.2: Norms of Collaboration Inventory
Handout 4.3: Decision Making Strategies
Handout 4.4: Decision Making Scenarios
Handout 4.5: What's Your Conflict Management Aptitude?
Sample Workshop Agendas
Resource A: Workshop Evaluation Form
Key features
· Hands-on professional development activities for meetings, small groups, and information events
· Sample ½ day, full day, and 2-day workshop agendas
· Resources and tools

Sample Materials & Chapters


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