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Ethical Leadership in Schools

Ethical Leadership in Schools
Creating Community in an Environment of Accountability

September 2006 | 176 pages | Corwin

Discover the link between ethical leadership and successful educational communities!

In an age of accountability and transparency, principals are held responsible for everything from test scores to school finances. Because of this increased accountability, school leaders must regularly confront difficult ethical dilemmas.

Ethical Leadership in Schools teaches principals and aspiring principals the concepts that inform ethical choices in leadership roles. Using brief vignettes, Kenneth A. Strike explores common situations that principals are likely to encounter and presents questions and issues to help them determine the ethical path. As part of the Leadership for Learning initiative of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), this invaluable resource clearly explains complex ideas in an accessible, well-illustrated manner.

To help resolve the dilemmas that challenge every school leader, this book:

  • Guides readers through the process of making ethical decisions
  • Bridges ethics to issues of accountability
  • Provides scenarios that reflect the difficult choices facing principals
  • Supplies the tools to create ethical advice in varied contexts
  • Examines the central principles of fair cooperation

The study of ethics should emphasize what makes a school a good educational community. By creating communities that are competent, caring, and collegial, school leaders will be able to maximize their resources and meet the growing demands of accountability.

Series Foreword
Series Introduction
About the Author
1. Moral Principles and Moral Principals? An Introduction
2. What Is Education For?
3. Constitutional Essentials, Part I: Intellectual Liberty, Religious Freedom, and Intellectual Community
4. Constitutional Essentials, Part II: Equal Opportunity and Multicultural Community
5. Constitutional Essentials, Part III: Democracy, Community, and Accountability
6. Ethical Decision-Making
7. Professional Community and the Ethics of Accountability

"An important book that will surely become a prized text and be sought out again and again by school leaders who need to remind themselves why they entered the profession and what it takes to remain true to the premise that 'it's all about the children.'"

From the Series Foreword by E. Joseph Schneider

"Provides clear explanations and scenarios that reflect real-life choices, explains the necessary tools to give ethical advice in varied contexts, and examines the principles of cooperation."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2007
School Library Journal

"Strike joins the issues, those clashes between the legislative bodies to whom we are ever more accountable, to the high professional standards of excellence inherent in our mission to create good schools. His book gives leaders the charge and the framework they need to bring balance back to our schools."

The School Administrator, October 2007

"I highly recommend this book to school administrators, professors, policy makers and philosophers. the author offers a clear and compelling vision of the aims of education and skilfully describes the process and criteria for ethical leadership."

Sarah J. Noonan
Journal of Moral Education, June 2011
Key features
  • Guides readers through the process of making ethical decisions
  • Includes vignettes and scenarios that reflect the difficult choices principals make
  • Ties ethics to accountability and shows readers how they can respond to it responsibly
  • Provides readers with the tools to provide their own ethical advice

Sample Materials & Chapters

Strike Series Foreword

Strike Preface

Chapter 1

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