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Envisioning Process as Content

Envisioning Process as Content
Toward a Renaissance Curriculum

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December 1996 | 280 pages | Corwin

"How will the traditional skillset of the industrial era have to be expanded for successful workers and citizens in the knowledge era? How must the traditional education process be transformed? Two cornerstones to the new system of education will be elevating the learning process to comparable standing with the content of what is learned, and making high-level thinking and learning skills, like systems thinking and collaborative learning, as important as traditional skills of reductionistic thinking and individual problem solving. These could indeed be two elements of a 'thought revolution in education."
From the Foreword by Peter M. Senge, Center for Organizational Learning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Envisioning Process as Content proposes a radical revision of curriculum, the heart and soul of teaching, too often an overlooked component of school reform and restructuring. The chapter authors of this comprehensive study, all leaders in their respective fields, establish a new framework for our learning communities that fosters a desire to see life as an intellectual and personal quest for knowledge and meaning. Teaching specific disciplines, such as language arts, math, or social studies, reinforces the all-important teaching of processes and skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, information processing, and lifelong learning. The authors explore in detail the dynamics of shifting the primary focus so that the content becomes the vehicle for teaching the process, resulting in a greater mastery of the discipline.

This volume will help you:

  • Reconsider specific disciplines as vehicles for teaching processes
  • Link processes and content
  • Enhance student learning through process-centered teaching
  • Create outcomes that ensure all students have learned to think

Envisioning Process as Content is the first volume of a trilogy addressing the curriculum needs for the 21st century. Written for school administrators, teachers, staff developers, curriculum specialists, and students and faculty of teacher education, the series provides new insight about the role of restructuring the curriculum in the school.

Peter M Senge
Arthur L Costa and Rosemarie M Liebmann
Towards Renaissance Curriculum
An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Arthur L Costa and Rosemarie M Liebmann
Difficulties with the Disciplines
Arthur L Costa and Rosemarie M Liebmann
Shifting Paradigms from Either/Or to Both/And
Arthur L Costa
A Decision-Making Process

Rosemarie M Liebmann
How Process Is Connected with the Human Spirit
Nancy Skerritt
Process as Content
Ruth Lorig
Reading as a Thinking Process
Carol Lloyd
Mathematics [u/s]Is Process Education
James Henderson and David Dees
Teaching the Process of Aesthetic Knowing and Representation
Robert Swartz
Problem-Based Learning and Critical Thinking in Teaching for Science Literacy
Peg Luidens
Paper Thinking
The Process of Writing

Louis T Coulson and Alison Strickland
Learning Creative Process
A Basic Life Skill

Merv Akin and Martha I Turner
Historical Inquiry
Virginia Rojas
Above the World
When Process Is Content in Foreign Language Teaching

John Dyer
Humor as Process
Lou Rubin

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