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The Elementary School Principal's Calendar

The Elementary School Principal's Calendar
A Month-by-Month Planner for the School Year

Second Edition

March 2006 | 256 pages | Corwin

Get organized, plan effectively, and keep your school running smoothly!

Developed for both aspiring and experienced elementary school principals, this unique resource-updated from the top-selling first edition-lays out everyday challenges and administrative necessities to help you plan strategically for the academic year. This month-by-month planning tool, designed by veteran administrators, helps you get off on the right foot in July to set your course for a successful school year. Its emphasis is to help principals develop the skills to foresee future calendar events, and to put into operation specific plans to maintain a calm learning environment.

Chapters cover key tasks for each month, beginning in July, and contain:

  • Overview of tasks
  • Communications-letters, memos, correspondence, media relations, including sample documents
  • Planning-workshops, orientations, field trips, fundraising activities 
  • Personnel-assignments, schedules, rosters, tenure recommendations
  • Checklists to monitor progress with an assortment of tasks 
  • Resources to proactively plan and execute effective and decisive leadership

The Elementary School Principal's Calendar offers a handy checklist for each month and the flexibility for modification, helping busy administrators avoid reinventing the wheel each year. It's an essential handbook for every principal faced with the complex challenge of managing all aspects of school administration!

About the Authors
1. July
July's Key Tasks

July's Communications

July's Planning

July's Personnel

July's Checklists

2. August
August's Key Tasks

August's Communications

August's Planning

August’s Personnel

August’s Checklists

3. September
September’s Key Tasks

September’s Communications

September’s Planning

September’s Personnel

September’s Checklists

4. October
October’s Key Tasks

October’s Communications

October’s Planning

October’s Personnel

October’s Checklists

5. November
November’s Key Tasks

November’s Communications

November’s Planning

November’s Personnel

November’s Checklists

6. December
December’s Key Tasks

December’s Communications

December’s Planning

December’s Personnel

December’s Checklists

7. January
January’s Key Tasks

January’s Communications

January’s Planning

January’s Personnel

January’s Checklists

8. February
February’s Key Tasks

February’s Communications

February’s Planning

February’s Personnel

February’s Checklists

9. March
March’s Key Tasks

March’s Communications

March’s Planning

March’s Personnel

March’s Checklists

10. April
April’s Key Tasks

April’s Communications

April’s Planning

April’s Personnel

April’s Checklists

11. May
May’s Key Tasks

May’s Communications

May’s Planning

May’s Personnel

May’s Checklists

12. June
June’s Key Tasks

June’s Communications

June’s Planning

June’s Personnel

June’s Checklists

Resource A: Teacher Handbook
Resource B: How to Build a Mission Statement
Resource C: Summer Letters to Parents
Resource D: Meet Your Teacher Night – Suggestions to Teachers
Resource E: Weekly Memo to Staff
Resource F: Parents’ Elementary School Guidebook
Resource G: Best Practices in Quality Education for Students With Severe Disabilities
Resource H: Teacher Job Description
Resource I: Helping Children Cope at Holiday Time
Resource J: Retirement Congratulatory Letters
Resource K: Attention Deficit Disorder
Resource L: Parallel Block Scheduling
Resource M: Spring Break Welcome Back Letter
Resource N: National TV Turnoff Week
Resource O: Standardized Testing Memo to Teachers
Resource P: Standardized Testing Letter to Parents
Resource Q: Summer Reading List
Resource R: End-of-the-Year Sign-Out Checklist

"Administrators will enjoy this! The book has a clear reflective piece for principals throughout the text, the material is truly applicable and realistic, and the book could be used in any school by any principal, new or veteran."

James Davis
Principal Intern, Bethel Elementary School, Concord, NC

"This book will be helpful to the elementary school principal, especially the beginning principal seeking a guide to the overall school year."

Christi Buell
Principal, Neihardt Elementary School, Omaha, NE

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