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Eight Ways of Teaching

Eight Ways of Teaching
The Artistry of Teaching with Multiple Intelligences

Fourth Edition

June 2003 | 200 pages | Corwin
This 4th edition of Eight Ways of Teaching: The Artistry of Teaching with Multiple Intelligences is includes author David Lazear's description of what "intelligence-focused" lessons look like, and an examination of the process for creating them. A brand-new section features lessons incorporating all eight intelligences into a single learning experience, including step-by-step explanations and examples from elementary, middle, and high school levels. This resource also highlights suggestions and examples for integrating technology with the multiple intelligences.

I. The 8-in-1 Lesson Planning Strategy
II. The Intelligence-Focused Lesson Planning Strategy
1. Teaching with Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
2. Teaching with Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
3. Teaching with Visual/Spatial Intelligence
4. Teaching with Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
5. Teaching with Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
6. Teaching with Interpersonal Intelligence
7. Teaching with Intrapersonal Intelligence
8. Teaching with Naturalist Intelligence
Appendix A: Lesson Processing Blacklines
Appendix B: Lesson Procedure Blacklines
Appendix C: Graphic Organizer Blacklines

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