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Educate, Medicate, or Litigate?

Educate, Medicate, or Litigate?
What Teachers, Parents, and Administrators Must Do About Student Behavior

April 2001 | 144 pages | Corwin

"DiGiulio has tackled an issue at the center of our struggle for safety education—how to educate students without turning their schools into armed encampments. His sober recommendations offer clear, proven methods of addressing school violence while returning decency and mutual respect to our schools."
Vincent Schiraldi, President
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, Justice Policy Institute
Washington, DC

Robert C. DiGiulio, author, educator, and expert in student behavior, dares to suggest that schools and community can reestablish themselves as preventive forces in the face of the growing problem of antisocial behavior and violence in schools. DiGiulio outlines how communities—not the government, doctors, or lawyers—can offer schools vital and concrete support to play a preventive rather than reactive role in keeping students safe.

The author examines negative psychosocial behaviors from their roots to their eventual eruptions within the context of current research, best practice, and sound administrative actions. Topics include:


  • Ten persistent myths about schools and violence
  • To medicate or incarcerate
  • The downside of legalism
  • The role of the home
  • Best school-level preventive responses to antisocial behavior
  • Best community-level preventive responses to antisocial behavior
  • The force within each community

An essential resource for anyone concerned about the role of school and community in creating safe environments for today's youth. This book has been written for both the professional and the layman, for the student and practitioner, for the person who works in the schools each day, and for the informed taxpayer. Ultimately, it has been written for all our children.

A Culture of Violence
Myths and Realities
Schools, Violence and Antisocial Behavior

Social Behavior
Psychological, Philosophical and Practical Bases

Problem Areas
Where Social Behavior Becomes Antisocial Behavior

Reframing Views on Antisocial Behavior
Best School Practices


"DiGiulio presents alternatives to get tough policies that change behavior rather than pushing young people away from schooling institutions."

Ian M. Harris
University of Wisconsin
Education Book Review, Michigan State University Libraries

"DiGiulio clearly answers the question ‘what can we do about antisocial behavior?’ by suggesting several changes that could be more effective in making school a safe, supportive setting. He offers constructive ideas for rethinking school structures and practices to promote responsible student behaviors." 

Nelda R. Cockman
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC

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