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Data-Enhanced Leadership

Data-Enhanced Leadership

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January 2010 | 168 pages | Corwin
Always at the heart of educators' perennial struggle are the young people who matter so deeply to the entire school community. The Soul of Educational Leadership series enlists the thinking of those who set the tone for the discussion.

Edited by Alan M. Blankstein, Paul D. Houston, and Robert W. Cole, this seventh volume in the series offers key concepts and strategies for data-enhanced decision making in school leadership practice.

With contributions from Jesse Rodriguez, Lorna M. Earl, Steven Katz, Eileen Depka, Kay Burke, and other experts, Data-Enhanced Leadership combines research, practice, and innovative thinking into a single compact volume of essential reading for all educational leaders.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
Paul Houston
1. Using What You Know to Be a More Effective Leader
Lorna Earl, Steven Katz
2. Creating a Culture of Inquiry: Harnessing Data for Professional Learning
Peter Hill
3. Using Assessment Data to Lead Teaching and Learning
Eileen Depka
4. Institutionalizing the Use of a Four-Letter Word
Kay Burke
5. Using Data to Drive Instruction and Assessment in the Standards-Based Classroom
Doug Otto
6. Data: One District’s Journey
Jesse Rodriguez
7. Information and Communications Technology in Education
Roy Forbes
8. Some Pitfalls in the Use of Data—and How to Avoid Them

“Data have enormous power to improve the quality of decisions, but leaders are the ones who drive decision making in schools. Data are tools for leaders. This volume is akin to lifting the hood of your car to gain a more complete understanding of how it runs, and how it can be fine-tuned to run even better.”

From the Introduction by Robert W. Cole

"A great resource for district leaders for understanding that data should not be used to place blame or grant glory, but rather should be applied as a tool, to constantly focus on systemwide improvement."

The School Administrator, November 2010, Vol. 67(10)
American Association of School Administrators
Key features
  • Compact volume offers state-of-the-art contributions from key thinkers in educational leadership
  • Combines research, practice, and innovative thought in a single volume
  • A joint publication with AASA and the HOPE Foundation

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