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Collaborative Literacy

Collaborative Literacy
Using Gifted Strategies to Enrich Learning for Every Student

July 2006 | 256 pages | Corwin

Use these gifted and higher level thinking strategies for all students!

Developed for reading educators, this rich resource incorporates higher level thinking and reading strategies that promote academic achievement for both gifted learners and struggling students. Susan E. Israel, Dorothy A. Sisk, and Cathy Collins Block, recognized leaders in the fields of reading and literacy, provide teachers with tools to create collaborative literacy classrooms where students can generate ideas independently, discuss them, and then develop new concepts within a group environment. Collaboration boosts critical thinking skills and helps develop and enrich reading, writing, speaking, and thinking experiences not just for gifted readers, but for all learners!

You'll gain important insights on:

  • Understanding how collaborative literacy affects gifted students and your entire classroom
  • Building collaborative literacy using specific resources such as adaptable lessons and activities
  • Creating an enriched collaborative literacy environment for all students
  • Involving parents in collaborative literacy learning
  • Stimulating creativity to increase critical thinking and develop richer comprehension

Develop higher level thinking and reading strategies to help your students become independent researchers, writers, and readers!

About the Authors
Introduction: Setting the Purpose for Building Collaborative Literacy
Part I: Gaining Wisdom About Gifted Students to Build Collaborative Literacy
1. What Does Building Collaborative Literacy Mean in the Classroom
2. Identifying and Engaging Advanced Readers and Gifted Students in Collaborative Literacy
3. Strengthening Instruction of Gifted Students With Special Needs in a Collaborative Literacy Environment
Part II: Building Collaborative Literacy Communities in the Regular Classroom
4. Developing and Creating an Enriched Literacy Collaborative
5. Building Collaborative Literacy in a Multicultural Classroom
6. Building Collaborative Literacy During Reading and Writing Instruction
7. Building Collaborative Literacy With Parents
Part III: Building Collaborative Literacy Using Gifted and Literacy Strategies
8. Using Gifted Literacy Strategies With All Students to Increase Higher Level Thinking and Develop Richer Comprehension
9. Strategies to Stimulate Creativity During Reading and Writing
10. Building Efficiency in Using Information Through Inquiry-Based Learning and Technology
11. Evaluation of Collaborative Literacy in Every Classroom
Part IV: Final Reflections: Congratulations on Making Personal Connections and Building Collaborative Literacy
12. The Mind of a Busy Teacher: A Meta-Reflection
References by Chapter

"From the theoretical foundation to the practical reproducibles, this book provides the practitioner with a fully integrated approach to increasing literacy at the classroom level."

Natalie Bernasconi, Teacher
La Paz Middle School, Salinas, CA

"An outstanding guide. Artfully demonstrates how teachers may meet regular education standards as well as standards of differentiation for gifted students in the classroom."

Darlene Boyd, Director
Precollege Gifted Student Academy

"Provides useful information to assist teachers in enhancing language arts instruction through group activities. The strengths of the volume are its readability, use of concrete examples, inclusion of implementation forms, coverage of relevant topics, recommendations for teacher implementation, and variety of suggested resources."

PsycCRITIQUES, July 2007, Vol. 52(27)
American Psychological Association

“The book provides an excellent contribution through its complementary use of research and successful strategies. The resources of existing literacy research were skillfully reapplied to construct rationales, organization, and implementation of collaborative literacy practices for every student, teacher, and parent.”

Education Review: A Journal of Book Reviews, June 2008
Key features
  • Israel and Block are recognized leaders in the field of reading/literacy
  • Strategies are research-based and classroom-tested
  • Numerous case-studies
  • Shows teachers how to create higher-level thematic units that foster higher-level thinking
  • Shows teachers how to build a community of learners in the regular classroom while engaging gifted students in complex, meaningful activities
  • Advanced reading comprehension strategies
  • Strategies for guiding gifted students to become self-regulated researchers, writers, and readers
  • Each chapter will open with a graphic organizer of the chapter
  • Each chapter will end with struggling reader adaptations

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