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Classroom Killers? Hallway Hostages?

Classroom Killers? Hallway Hostages?
How Schools Can Prevent and Manage School Crises

  • Kenneth S. Trump - National School Safety and Security Services, Cleveland, Ohio

June 2000 | 184 pages | Corwin
Tragic school violence rocked the United States in the late 1990s and sent Americans scurrying to understand why these incidents occurred, how to prevent future incidents, and how to prepare to better manage those incidents which cannot be prevented. If there is anything positive that came out of these tragedies, it is unquestionably the placement of school safety at the top of the educational agenda and discussion list for school and community leaders nationwide. This book attempts to help sort out the political, administrative, and other dynamics so that readers can get to the "bottom line" of what really has been learned from these violent incidents This book, following Trump's successful first book, guides schools in being proactive in school security, and in handling the crisis and the media when events that cannot be anticipated do occur. These steps include being aware of early warning signs, educating the staff about the best responses, working with emergency personnel, handling the injured, handling with family members of the injured, and proactive strategies for the media spotlight.

From Paranoia to 'Politricks' and PR Campaigns
America Responds to Tragedy

Lessons Learned from School Crisis Incidents
'New Times, New Crimes'
Shifts in School Security Threat Trends

Early Warning Signs
Fact, Fiction, or Fad?

Assessing and Managing Threats
A Framework for Reducing Risks
Security, Crisis Preparedness and Comprehensive Safe School Plans

Crisis Preparedness Guidelines
Process, Product and Preparation Issues

Managing Crisis Incidents
Preparing for the 'Post-Crisis Crisis'
An Example of Leadership in State and Local Preparedness

Where Do We Go from Here?

"If you want to keep your students, your staff, and your school safe and secure, you need to read this book. Having experienced the unthinkable, the one thing I would urge all school leaders to do is get prepared. The key is awareness and readiness, and Ken Trump provides both."

Randy Wright
Chairman of the Board of Education, McCracken County Public Schools, Paducah, KY

"Practical, cost-effective security strategies. A great reference book!" 

Chief John R. Fechko
Seven Hills Police Department, OH

 "The author places violence into a balanced context of day-to-day disciplinary concerns and school security programs. Those who work in schools (his target audience) will find the book easy to read and understand."

George J. Okaty, CPP
Former Chair of the ASIS Educational Institutions Standing Committee
Security Management Magazine

"An excellent resource for educators and educators-in-training. Readers will be thankful that Trump has provided such a timely resource."

CHOICE Magazine
Volume 39, No. 2, October 2001

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