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Edited by:
  • Michael Fullan - Michael Fullan Enterprises Inc., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada
  • Peter Hill - Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, Simulation Industry Association of Australia, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Carmel Crévola - International Literacy Consultant

Foreword by Richard F. Elmore

April 2006 | 136 pages | Corwin

"A clear and insightful look at why teaching must be conceived as constant learning about learning. The analysis of past failed reforms and the general conditions needed for success is well-stated and illuminating."
—Grant Wiggins
Authentic Education

Redesign classroom instruction to transform learning for both students and teachers!

Breakthrough presents a revolutionary new approach to educational reform, breaking away from the conventional paradigm to help educators create focused instruction, transform the classroom experience, and dramatically raise—and sustain—performance levels for students and teachers alike. This book provides the breakthrough concepts needed for developing precise, validated, data-driven instruction personalized to each and every student.

Synthesizing the best of current instructional models, this framework focuses on the components of the Triple P Breakthrough Model: Personalization—meaningful, student-centered classroom interactions; Precision—using formative assessments to monitor individual student progress; and Professional Learning—daily, ongoing learning for all educators.

Helping educators create expert instructional systems while breaking through the "prescription trap," the authors introduce unique elements of the Breakthrough model, including:

  • Improvement by design
  • Assessment for learning
  • Critical learning instructional paths
  • Mapping instructional paths
  • Smart use of data to drive instruction
  • Locking in ongoing improvement

Breakthrough establishes the tipping point for moving toward personalized, high-quality instruction and learning in the classroom to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing academic success.

About the Authors
1. The New Mission for School Systems
A System Stalled

The Prescription Trap

2. Breakthrough Components
The Triple P Core Components

3. Transforming Classroom Instruction
The Current Model

The Crux of the Problem

A Basis in Learning Theory

The Breakthrough

4. Creating Expert Instructional Systems
A Focus on Improvement by Design

Expert Instructional Systems

Assessment for Learning

Lessons From Health Care

5. Building a Critical Learning Instructional Path
Mapping the Instructional Path

Measuring and Monitoring Learning

Using the Data to Drive Instruction

Classroom Organization

Loops and Detours in the Critical Learning Instructional Path

Beyond Early Literacy

Locking In Ongoing Improvement

Building the System

6. Breakthrough Leadership: A Way Forward
What Is Needed

Using Change Knowledge

The Breakthrough Framework

Breakthrough Leadership



"An ambitious and timely book, Breakthrough is a critical read for those genuinely interested in school reform. Fullan, Hill, and Crévola get to the heart of the matter-improving instruction based on evidence!" 

James Spillane, Olin Professor in Learning and Organization, Northwestern University
Author, Distributed Leadership

"From cover to cover, the information provided in this book allows readers to think about the past and be hopeful about the future of education reform and practice."

Constance Ellison, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
Howard University

"The authors provide a sound alternative to the lock-step approach that is currently in vogue in many educational settings. Their focus on internal accountability is consistent with student-centered approaches to education."

Sam Evans, Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Western Kentucky University

"Anyone with an interest in educational reform or instructional improvement would benefit from reading this book, reflecting on the ideas presented, and engaging in conversation with others concerning its implication for 21st-century schools."

PsycCRITIQUES, January 2007

"Breakthrough is exactly the kind of information that educators need to take any reform movement from 'good idea' to 'best practice.' "

Principal Navigator, September 2006

“Interesting, easy to read, and filled with educational insights. This book has much to commend it.”

Journal of Educational Change, August 2007, Vol. 8(3)

Sample Materials & Chapters

Fullan Foreword

Fullan Preface

Fullan Chapter 1

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