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Best Practices for Teaching Mathematics

Best Practices for Teaching Mathematics
What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do

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April 2007 | 104 pages | Corwin

From human number lines to sweet solutions, these strategies will enliven your math instruction!

In this new volume from Randi Stone, award-winning teachers model mathematics lessons that work and demonstrate innovative methods that have been field-tested in diverse elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.

An ideal resource for new and veteran teachers and linked with companion volumes featuring strategies for teaching writing and science, this resource offers:

  • Strategies for motivating students with animated learning icons, money-based systems, human number lines, sweet solutions, and much more
  • Techniques for engaging students before and after state tests
  • A special lesson study chapter focused on win-win professional practice for teachers

This concise text will become one of your most-used guides for clarifying math concepts, increasing math vocabulary, strengthening problem-solving skills, and inspiring students' excitement about math in the real world!

About the Author
About the Contributors
Ryan Faulk, Montana
1. Using a Money-Based Discipline or Reward System in an Elementary Classroom
Terry Castoria, New Jersey
2. Number of the Year Award
Helen F. Melvin, Maine
3. Technology-Enhanced Second-Grade Math
Sharon Andrews, South Dakota
4. Getting Zoned-Out Students to Tune In
Steven Wyborney, Oregon
5. Letting Student Strengths Lead Math Problem Solving
Steven Wyborney, Oregon
6. Using Animated Learning Icons to Capture and Enhance Instruction
Heather Sullivan, New Mexico
7. Honoring the Middle School Student
Pam Roller, Indiana
8. Sweet Solutions in Math Make a Difference in the World
Patricia F. Clark, New York
9. But . . . Does It Make Sense?
Dianne M. Peterson, Florida
10. Keeping Math Alive After State Testing
Debbie Gordon, Arizona
11. Teaching and Learning Math Vocabulary With Meaning
Mary Jane Short, Delaware
12. I Became a Facilitator as Well as a Teacher
Joyce Wolfe Dodd, South Carolina
13. Human Number Line: Make Yourself a Fraction
Jim Miller, Washington
14. A Systematic Approach to Factoring Trinomials
Donna H. Henry, Arizona
15. Engaged Students Love Math
Carol Ann Amos, Vermont
16. Letting Everyone Shine
John P. Pieper, Wisconsin
17. From Angst to Aptitude: Math Is More Than a Four-Letter Word
Debra Rose Howell, Washington
18. Lesson Study: A "Win-Win" Professional Practice

As part of the recommended textbooks for EDUC 355, this resource is great because it provides valuable information on educational best practices.

Professor Fidel Tavara
Assessment and Education, Ana G. Mendez University System
August 29, 2012
Key features
  • 18 tried-and-tested best practices for teaching mathematics to elementary, middle school, and high school learners.
  • Award-winning classroom teachers model and explain techniques that include using animated learning icons, money-based systems, human number lines, "sweet" solutions, and much more
  • Features a special lesson study chapter that invites readers to participate in a true win-win professional experience
  • Companion volumes feature best practices for teaching Writing and Science

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