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Best Classroom Practices

Best Classroom Practices
What Award-Winning Elementary Teachers Do

July 1999 | 232 pages | Corwin

Randi Stone provides an inspirational, one-stop guide to the highest impact teaching practices of the nation's best and brightest high school educators. Through detailed, first-hand accounts of winning strategies, this book offers an exclusive glimpse into exemplary classrooms across the country. Outstanding teachers generously share their unique insights, innovative lesson plans, and expertise garnered through years of experience, forming an instant network and rich resource for practicing as well as future teachers. Administrators will also benefit from discovering the various proven, results-oriented approaches that work for teachers in urban, suburban, and rural schools.

Divided by subject area, the chapters give a wealth of real-life examples and tactics that can be applied easily into any classroom. Highlights include:

  • Tips for incorporating technology into the classroom
  • Specific projects for Science, Math and Reading and Writing Instruction
  • Proven plans for teaching Social Studies, Geography, Visual Arts and Physical Education

Ideas on classroom management, dealing with special needs and multicultural diversity, and making community connections.

About the Author
1. Sharing Teaching Philosophies
2. Succeeding with Reading and Writing Instruction
3. Succeeding with Mathematics Instruction
4. Exploring Science, Mathematics, and Technology
5. Threading Technology Through the Curriculum
6. Opening School Doors to Parental Involvement
7. Integrating Inclusion in the Classroom
8. Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Grades
9. Celebrating Art and Music
10. Creative Scheduling
11. Experiencing Education Abroad
12. Topic Smorgasbord: Sharing More Key Elementary Issues and Perspectives
About the Contributors

"Elementary teachers are known for their special days, ideas, and projects, yet they seldom have time to share them with other teachers. Thanks to Ms. Stone, this highly practical resource will be used with confidence knowing these terrific ideas are shared by some of America’s best teachers." 

David M. Eldridge, Executive Director
The National Teachers Hall of Fame

"Using the best teaching practices among the United States’ premier elementary school practitioners, Randi Stone has compiled a teacher’s treasure chest! Her collection is a potpourri of learning activities that swell imagination, ignite teachers, and empower learners. These activities demonstrate the connectivity and integration necessary for students to become lifelong learners. This book is a priceless tool not only for teachers, but also for mentors and administrators whose responsibilities are to provide professional growth." 

Danny D. McPherson, Ed.D.
West Columbus High School, Cerra Gordo, NC

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