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Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education

Second Edition
Edited by:

April 2008 | 176 pages | Corwin

Proven techniques for integrating assessment with teaching and learning!

Demonstrating how to use assessment successfully to achieve broad educational goals, this user-friendly resource helps teachers, administrators, and other school personnel understand how to apply essential assessment concepts in their schools. In this updated guide, James H. McMillan offers examples from K–12 classrooms and illustrates how educators can create the critical feedback loop that reveals what students know, what to teach next, and which methods best assess student learning.

The second edition of Essential Assessment Concepts for Teachers and Administrators shows teachers how to effectively incorporate the assessment process with teaching and learning for both classroom-focused assessments and externally mandated standardized tests. The author discusses the principles of testing, including validity, reliability, and fairness, and helps educators

  • Develop high-quality summative and formative assessments
  • Understand and use data to improve assessment and learning
  • Prepare students for state and national standardized tests

Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education, Second Edition features two new chapters covering different assessment techniques and methods—including constructed-response and closed-end assessments—and grading practices in the context of standards-based education.

About the Author
1. Integrated Assessment With Teaching and Learning
2. Validity
3. Reliability
4. Fairness
5. Assessment Methods, Items, and Techniques
6. Understanding and Using Numerical Data
7. Interpreting and Using National and State Large-Scale and Standardized Tests
8. Grading

"An important key to blending data with change."

The Bookwatch, July 2008
Midwest Book Review

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