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25 Simple Things to Do for Literacy

25 Simple Things to Do for Literacy

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Literacy, K-12

June 2001 | 32 pages | Corwin
25 Simple Things to Do for Literacy is culled from the book More than 100 Tools for Literacy in Today's Classroom. In addition to simple tasks to stimulate students' thinking and to help them become better readers and writers, each activity includes background information and instructions for conducting the activity. This ready-to-use guide is packed with strategies for improving comprehension of fictional and non-fictional texts.

1. What's in a Name?
2. Heads Up
3. Back to Front
4. Just Like Me
5. If I Were You
6. Picture This
7. That's Your Cue
8. Taste Tempters
9. Dressed for Success
10. Here and There
11. Why Do You Think This Is So?
12. What's the Problem?
13. Weather or Not
14. Take a Second Look
15. Help Wanted
16. Remember When
17. To Whom It May Concern
18. It's an Honor
19. From the Beginning
20. Listen Up
21. Alphabet Soup
22. Tongue Twisters
23. Ginonym
24. Compound Rummy
25. Drawing a Blank

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