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194 High-Impact Letters for Busy Principals

194 High-Impact Letters for Busy Principals
A Guide to Handling Difficult Correspondence

Second Edition

July 2006 | 232 pages | Corwin

"Grady's book encourages principals who are perpetually pressed for time to get to correspondence that languishes at the bottom of their to-do lists. My own correspondence has doubled since getting my hands on this book!"
—Cathie West, Principal
Mountain Way Elementary School, Granite Falls, WA

"The letters cover a wide variety of topics and give administrators ideas on what kind of letters to write. After going through the letters, I realize that I need to send more letters of appreciation to parents and organizations."
—Gina Segobiano, Principal/Superintendent
Signal Hill School District 181, Belleville, IL

Build a culture of care with positive communication!

As the key communicators for schools, principals write a wide range of correspondence—from thank-you letters and congratulations to best wishes and other personal notes. Yet, this critical responsibility can easily fall victim to every administrator's busy schedule. Marilyn Grady's updated and expanded collection of letters is truly a time-saving starter kit, with user-friendly and easy-to-personalize templates to revitalize every busy administrator's communications repertoire.

This practical resource provides jargon-free templates useful for:

  • Improving communication with parents, teachers, and other school stakeholders
  • Initiating a "letter-a-day" plan to improve school culture
  • Advancing parent education, health and wellness, and safety initiatives, among others
  • Reminding you to communicate with all stakeholders
  • Evaluating your current written communication
  • Identifying areas where you could communicate more

This targeted collection will add a new level of organization, efficiency, and effectiveness to your communication tasks. Unlock the secrets of effective communication and watch relationships on all levels flourish! Includes a PC- and Mac-compatible CD-ROM containing all letters for easy customization.

About the Author
1. Thank-You Letters
2. Appreciation Letters
3. Congratulations Letters
4. Sympathy Letters
5. Get-Well Letters
6. Welcome Letters
7. Information and Procedures Letters
8. Discipline Letters
9. Letter Acknowledging Complaint
10. Recommendation Letters
11. Application Letter
12. Special Events Letters
13. Opening Comments for Special Events

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