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Being 10% Braver

Being 10% Braver

Edited by:

November 2020 | 224 pages | Corwin UK

Through the real-life stories of women leaders in education, drawn from across the #WomenEd community, this book offers guidance and inspiration on how to rise above challenging situations and find personal and professional growth. It's time to:

-Tackle imposter syndrome
-Know your worth
-Ask for what you need
-Call out unacceptable behavior
-Put yourself first when necessary
-Raise your voice until it's heard

It's time to own your journey and your story - it's time to become 10% braver.

Part 1: Braver in the workplace
Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Chapter 1: Being 10% braver in Higher Education
Claire Mitchell and Emma Turner
Chapter 2: Coffee, Calpol and co-headship
Michelle Cooke
Chapter 3: Taking the heat out of the menopause in the workplace
Clare Erasmus
Chapter 4: Learning to dance in the rain
Frances Aston
Chapter 5: Dynamic part-time leadership
Emily Rankin
Chapter 6: Making middle leadership count
Ruth Golding
Chapter 7: Being a woman and a leader with a disability
Kerry Jordan-Daus and Lacey Austin
Chapter 8: Investing in ourselves as leaders: a guilty pleasure?
Part 2: Advocating for others
Andy Mitchell
Chapter 9: When your partner is a female leader
Keziah Featherstone with Jon Chaloner, Vic Goddard, Dan Morrow and Malcolm Richards
Chapter 10: Stand by all women
Hilary Goldsmith
Chapter 11: If there isn’t a seat around the table, be the one who buys the chairs
Lesley Dolben and Natalie de Silva
Chapter 12: What governors can do to build inclusive workplaces
Part 3: Braving the change
Fiona McSorley
Chapter 13: Retirement is not a dirty word
Rachael Paget
Chapter 14: Returning to teaching and leadership after illness
Liz Free with Sue Aspinall, Ruth Barsby and Pauline O’Brien
Chapter 15: Being an international school leader
Lizana Oberholzer
Chapter 16: A small fish in a big pond: educational leadership outside of a school environment
Sharon McCormack
Chapter 17: Overcoming the challenges of a woman leader with a disability in education
Part 4: Daring to be different
Gemma Sant
Chapter 18: Being taken seriously as a young leader: Can I see your ID?
Alex Fairlamb
Chapter 19: Why it’s ‘in’ to be an introverted leader?
Jules Daulby
Chapter 20: Let me take you on a journey…
Lisa Hannay
Chapter 21: Walking Gaily Forward
Part 5: Owning our bravery
Debra Rutley
Chapter 22: Brave vulnerability
Claire Nicholls
Chapter 23: Being comfortable and authentic as an LGBT+ leader and role model
Felicity King
Chapter 24: Asylum
Imogen Senior
Chapter 25: Slaying the dragon of imposter syndrome
Jacinta Calzada-Mayronne and Melissa Egri-McCauley
Chapter 26: Moving mindsets and failing forward
Part 6: Tackling an unfair system
Penny Rabiger
Chapter 27: We can’t be what we can’t see: Make sure you’re not the one blocking the view
Beatus Magistra
Chapter 28: What to do if you find yourself working for a bully
Hannah Dalton and Kiran Mahil
Chapter 29: Pregnant and screwed
Naomi Shenton
Chapter 30: Dealing with the motherhood penalty as a leader
Bukky Yusuf
Chapter 31: Time to say goodbye
Vivienne Porritt
Chapter 32: Inspiring the future

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