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Zhihui Fang

Fang, Zhihui

Zhihui Fang (Ph.D., Purdue University) is Professor of Language and Literacy Education in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida, where he also coordinates the Reading Education program. He specializes in content area reading and writing, language development, and teacher education. His recent research focuses on the role of language in construing disciplinary knowledge and in shaping students’ literacy development. He is particularly interested in exploring the use of evidence-based language and literacy practices to support science teaching and learning. Zhihui has authored over 70 publications that include books, book chapters, and journal articles. His Reading in Secondary Content Areas: A Language-Based Pedagogy (University of Michigan Press, 2008), co-authored with Mary Schleppegrell, describes a new approach to teaching reading in the subjects of science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts. He can be contacted at