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Paul J. Riccomini

Riccomini, Paul

Paul J. Riccomini is an experienced classroom teacher, author, mathematician, and leading special education expert. Dr. Riccomini began his career as a dual-certified general education mathematics teacher of students with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities, and gifted and talented students in Grades 7–12. He taught mathematics to both general and special education students in inclusive settings. He is coauthor of the best-selling Response to Intervention in Math (Corwin, 2009) book and is an associate professor of education at the Pennsylvania State University. His teaching experiences required him to have both strong content knowledge in mathematics and to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with both general and special educators. As a former middle and high school mathematics teacher, he knows firsthand the challenges faced by students who struggle in mathematics and recognizes the importance of early mathematics development. He hopes the writing of this book will assist teachers in their efforts to develop young mathematicians.

Dr. Riccomini provides professional development in schools across the nation. His dynamic presentations offer research-validated practices that focus on the development of improved instructional practices for all students. Dr. Riccomini’s written work includes numerous research and practitioner articles for students with and without learning disabilities, including one of the first books to address Response to Intervention in the area of mathematics. Additional publications he coauthored include three Tier 2 Interventions for the areas of fractions, integers, and simple equations.