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Jan Robertson

Robertson, Jan
Jan Robertson’s expertise focuses on professional learning and leadership development. In particular, her work in leadership coaching and boundary breaking leadership development has highlighted the importance of self-awareness and knowledge of others in leadership. Developing deep learning relationships is at the heart of effective leadership. Jan's model of coaching is built on the principles of partnership and reciprocity, thus enabling the lateral sharing of innovation in the workplace. Jan believes it is her role as a leadership educator, to “... challenge, provoke, affirm, present ideas, and seek commitment to thinking about change and innovation in places of learning, for meeting the needs of tomorrow’s leaders.” Jan’s work includes action learning in the corporate sector, developing learning organizations and action research for education development, and leading and understanding change in personal, professional and organizational development. Jan brings more than 30 years experience to her work internationally. Previous positions include Director Educational Leadership Centre and Associate Professor at the University of Waikato; and more recently the Director of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education, where she is currently a Visiting Fellow. Jan was a Fulbright scholar in 1992, travelling throughout the USA studying leadership development in the education and business sectors. She is committed to innovation in education and harnessing the potential of Information Communication Technology to personalize learning and transform learning spaces. Her bestselling book is Coaching educational leadership: Building leadership capacity through partnership available through Amazon and NZCER Press. Jan is a highly sought after workshop and change facilitator, coach and keynote presenter, internationally.