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A. Loraine Dunn

Dunn, A.
Loraine Dunn is a professor in early childhood education at the University of Oklahoma where she teaches early childhood classes, oversees the child development laboratory, and makes student teaching placements. Her research has focused on child care program quality, developmentally appropriate practice, and children’s learning and development. Recently, Dunn served on a team that developed the Early Steps to Literacy project funded by an Early Childhood Educator Professional Development grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Dunn began her career teaching in a child care center serving children living in poverty. She later served as the education coordinator for a Head Start program, a kindergarten teacher in a small rural school, and as a teacher of children and adults in university child development laboratories. Dunn received her master’s degree in child development from Iowa State University and her doctorate in child development and family studies from Purdue University.