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Assessment Resources

Assessment-based professional development that encourages educators to partner with students and drive instruction that impacts learning.  

Bring teams of educators together to intentionally align their pre- and post-common formative assessments, generate high-quality learning intentions derived from the standards and appropriate success criteria, and plan for learning progressions with formative quick checks that lead to attaining the standard and provide evidence-based assessment.

Learn more about our Teacher Clarity program or our CFA 2.0 program


 Larry Ainsworth, Corwin, CFA 2.0, Common Formative Assessment, Teacher Clarity



“One of the hardest tasks for teachers is to align pre- and post- classroom assessments to best measure the change or progress made between two occasions.  Such assessments need to have questions anchored on a common scale (i.e., whatever is measured on each occasion should be the same construct) and anchored on a common difficulty scale.  Larry Ainsworth spells out how classroom teachers can work together to create such tasks, which allows a major focus, as it should, on using progress to help monitor learning and adapt teaching.”
–John Hattie, Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute
University of Melbourne, Australia

“One of my more memorable experiences as a school administrator happens whenever I see educators change their practice, not because of a mandate or policy change, but as a result of professional learning. I have seen this occur repeatedly as my teachers have learned how to design a quality assessment using the CFA 2.0 framework.” 
–Tommy Thompson, Principal, New London High School
New London, CT