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Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8

Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8
Equity in Action

Foreword by Joy Lawson Davis

February 2023 | 176 pages | Corwin

Ensure high expectations and engaging learning experiences for all students

Providing all students with authentic experiences focused on strengths and learning progression—not deficits and gap filling—can change their trajectory.  It’s time to use strategies typically reserved for advanced and gifted learners to advance all students’ learning.

Designed to support equitable access and opportunities through rigorous and engaging assessment, curriculum, and instruction, Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8, provides strategies to move all students towards becoming independent critical thinkers and problem-solvers—a goal that should not be contingent on background, assessment performance, or zip code. Packed with evidence-based practices and culturally responsive teaching methods, this book includes:

  • Strategies to support diverse learners and develop student voice
  • Support for social emotional learning
  • Tools, prompts, and exercises

The current educational environment is ripe for change. Authors McKinney and Urlik help teachers put equity into action with strategies proven to deepen and accelerate learning for all.

Chapter One- Creating a Foundation: Implementing Student Voice
Chapter Two- Rigorous Assessment
Chapter Three- Concept Based Instruction
Chapter Four- The Depth and Complexity Framework
Chapter Five- Rigorous Questioning
Chapter Six- Curriculum Compacting
Foreword by Joy Lawson Davis

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Preface & Introduction: Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8

Preface & Introduction: Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8

Get a sneak peek at the content of Accelerating Learning for All, PreK-8, with the preface and introduction.

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"I definitely recommend Accelerating Learning For All given its depth and timeliness in addressing what is direly needed in the field, particularly current life situations we all find ourselves in as well as the historical challenges that have been prevalent. The book encourages supporting learners and thinkers from all walks of life. "

Debbie Arakaki
Kauluwela Elementary School, Honolulu, HI

"One of the major strengths of Accelerating Learning For All is its relevance in the current education environment. As an instructional coach, I look forward to sharing these strategies with teachers who are hungry to improve the outcomes for all students in their classrooms."

Kendra Hanzlik
Prairie Hill Elementary School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Every teacher can relate to the content in Accelerating Learning For All because every teacher at some point in their career has had students that have struggled and needed support. In addition, many teachers are trying to close the learning gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This book would be a good addition to any educator’s library."

Meghan Love
Springfield Elementary, Fort Mill, SC

"I recommend Accelerating Learning For All. The strategies presented are ones I could implement next week. The book was that easy to understand."

Jennifer Newell
Istation, Dallas, TX

"Accelerating Learning For All presents powerful strategies that classroom teachers traditionally have not had access to. I would purchase copies of this book for myself and for my team, school, and district because the strategies would help my staff put equity into action and change outcomes for all students by accelerating learning rather than focusing on deficits, skills, and drills."

Linda O'Konek, EdD
Norfolk Public Schools, Boston, MA

"Accelerating Learning For All encourages creation of a school culture that values critical thinking and independent transfer of learning where students take an active role in their education. School leaders want to know how to create such a culture, and teachers want to work in buildings where a culture like this is present."

Elaine Shobert
Rock Rest Elementary School, Monroe, NC

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