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The Daily SEL Leader

The Daily SEL Leader
A Guided Journal

First Edition
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March 2021 | 232 pages | Corwin
Everyone in your school community benefits when you invest in YOU.

Social-emotional learning is one of the hottest education topics today. Most of the focus, however, has been at the student level. The truth is that school leaders can’t implement social-emotional learning effectively if they don’t deeply understand it for themselves.

A deeper, renewed self-awareness and understanding of your own and others’ emotional needs is the key to promoting social-emotional learning across your school. Exploring and mastering core social and emotional competencies a little at a time with the help of this guide fits perfectly with the daily demands of being a school leader, team leader, or classroom leader. Using the core CASEL skills presented in six modules, this guided journal will help you:

  • Become more self-aware of what each CASEL skill means for leadership
  • Build stronger relationships throughout schools, classrooms, and communities
  • Increase credibility and approachability
  • Engage stakeholders confidently

Because human growth and leadership go hand in hand, meeting students, teachers, and colleagues where they are at emotionally will begin a ripple effect and leave a lasting impact on your learning community.  To do that, however, you must first focus on developing your own SEL skills.


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Module 1: Self-Awareness
Week 1.1: Developing Accurate Self-Perception

Week 1.2: Strengths of Emotions

Week 1.3: Developing Self-Confidence

Week 1.4: Developing Self-Efficacy

Module 2: Self-Management
Week 2.1: Self-Motivation

Week 2.2: Goal-Setting and Productive Habits

Week 2.3: Organizational Skills

Week 2.4: Impulse Control

Week 2.5: Stress Management

Week 2.5: Stress Management

Module 3: Social Awareness
Week 3.1: Perspective Taking

Week 3.2: Empathy

Week 3.3: Appreciating Diversity

Week 3.4: Respect for Others

Module 4: Relationship Skills
Week 4.1 Communication

Week 4.2 Social Engagement

Week 4.3 Relationship Building

Week 4.4 Teamwork

Module 5: Responsible Decision Making
Week 5.1 Identifying Problems

Week 5.2 Analyzing Situations

Week 5.3 Solving Problems

Week 5.4 Evaluating

Week 5.5 Reflecting

Week 5.6 Ethical Responsibility

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