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What Successful Schools Do to Involve Families

What Successful Schools Do to Involve Families
55 Partnership Strategies

December 2008 | 216 pages | Corwin
It's clear that students learn best when they are supported by a community that values education and includes not only teachers but also parents, families, and other mentors. Yet schools often find it difficult to successfully involve parents and families in children's educational lives.

Based on solid educational research that reflects culturally diverse communities, this important new book offers teachers and administrators 55 practical strategies for forming effective partnerships with every type of family group. The authors cover a wide range of opportunities for collaborating with families, from homework, parent conferences, and open houses to family literacy and math activities, to hot-button topics like bullying and discipline.

Each strategy offers:

- a synthesis of the related research

- a description of how to use the strategy in a classroom or broader school setting

- precautions and pitfalls for consideration to help make implementation reasonably error free

- research sources for optional follow-up.

Foreword by Sheila E. Durkin
About the Authors
1. Parents, Families, Teachers, and Schools Appreciating and Supporting Each Other
2. Teachers, Students, Families, and Homework
3. Teachers, Students, Families, and Literacy
4. Teachers, Students, Families, and Mathematics
5. Teachers, Schools, Families, and the Special Education Student
6. Looking at the Roles of Non-Parental Caregivers in the Student's Life
7. Communicating With Families and Bridging the Gap Between School and Home
8. Working With Families and Especially Challenging Students
9. Working With Families From Nondominant Cultures
10. Families, Schools, and the Social Aspects of the Classroom
11. The Role of School Administrator: Increasing Student Achievement Through Parent Involvement

“Partnering with parents is a missing link in efforts to improve student achievement. This book offers teachers specific and practical suggestions to capitalize on this extraordinary untapped resource.”

David Freitas, Professor of Education
Indiana University, South Bend
Key features
  • Written by best-selling author (and high school teacher and parent) Neal Glasgow and co-author Paula Jameson Whitney, whose 21 years in education include teaching and administrating in elementary and middle schools
  • 55 research-based strategies for teachers, counselors, and principals, showing how best to involve parents and families who want to help their children succeed in school
  • Applications appropriate for culturally diverse communities
  • Strategies may be used in individual parent discussions or for parent nights, open houses, parent-teacher meetings, community meetings, and other settings 
  • Topics include open houses, parent conferences, and communicating with families; homework issues; literacy and mathematical concepts; special education students and especially challenging students; working with families from non-dominant cultures
  • Each strategy offers a synthesis of the relevant research, a how-to application for educators, precautions and pitfalls, and research sources for optional follow-up

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