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Revitalizing Curriculum Leadership

Revitalizing Curriculum Leadership
Inspiring and Empowering Your School Community

Second Edition

January 2004 | 248 pages | Corwin
Dale Brubaker tells why teachers need more than the traditional top-down, get-higher-test-scores approach to education. He describes the benefits of developing your own "inner curriculum." He also shows the importance of attending to both political power and spiritual power in becoming a creative curriculum leader. Dale Brubaker shows you how to create settings and learning communities that empower people to identify and use their talents. Creative curriculum leaders ask: "How can I understand myself better so that I can enjoy my work and my life more?" and, "How can I improve the settings that are important to me?" Two new chapters are included in this updated Second Edition ( Chapter 8. Creating Learning Communities and Chapter 9. Teacher Leaders), also several new appendices have also been added.

R. Murray Thomas
Foreword to the 2nd Edition
Louis J. Rubin
Foreword to the 1st Edition
About the Author
Prologue: A Cautionary Tale
Part I. The Meaning of Curriculum
1. Introduction: Developing One's Own Curriculum
2. Defining Inner and Outer Curriculum
Part II. Education as Vocation: How a "Sense of Calling" Influences Curriculum Development
3. Learning From Your Professional Autobiography
4. Looking Forward to Work: The Power of Wanting to Be There
5. Keeping the Fire in Your Vocation
Part III. Curriculum Development Can Make a DIfference
6. Creative Curriculum Leadership in Practice
7. Civility in Leadership:The Ultimate Difference
8. Creative Learning Communities
9. Teacher Leaders
Author Index
Subject Index

"This second edition is a must read for educational leaders. Brubaker's emphasis on 'inner curriculum' is close to my heart and depicts the spirit of becoming a creative curriculum leader. Administrators and teachers should read this book at least once a year!"

Deborah Wortham, Director, Department of Professional Development
Baltimore City Public School System, MD

"This book touches the soul of the reader who wants to transcend testing."

Lawrence Simon, Professor
Elon University

Creative Curriculum Leadership helped our faculty re-examine assessment and create a productive learning community.”

Kirk Gaddy, Principal
St. Katharine School, Baltimore, MD
Key features


  • Practical strategies that will help you improve your school's curricula in a substantial, meaningful way (as opposed to quick fixes that raise test scores temporarily, but don't result in genuine learning or sustained improvement).
  • Numerous field-tested case studies that will stimulate thinking and discussion, and illustrate how to bridge theory and practice.
  • Self-appraisal inventories that will help you recognize where you have been, where you are now, and where you would like to be in the future.

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