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Living on the Future Edge

Living on the Future Edge
Windows on Tomorrow

September 2010 | 184 pages | Corwin
This is a book for primary and secondary educators (leaders and teachers) about change-change that is a result of using new technology; change in how we get information, entertain ourselves, communicate with others, do our work, teach, and learn. This book is also about the power of paradigm to shape our thinking, the pressure that technological development is putting on our paradigm for teaching and learning, six exponential trends in technological development that we cannot ignore, what these trends mean for education, new skills for students, new roles for teachers, and scenarios of education in the future.

The first half of the book explores this world of technology and the 6 exponential trends in technological development that govern it while the second half of the book examines its impact on education, learning, and teaching, and forecasts a vision for the future. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions useful for jumpstarting conversations and thinking about change both personally and professionally.

6 Exponential Trends:

1. Moore's Law - technological processing power and speed doubling exponentially at least every 12 months.

2. Photonics-exponentially increasing bandwidth speeds

3. The Internet revolution

4. The age of Infowhelm

5. Disruptive technology that eventually diminishes or replaces the previous generation of technology.

1. The Paradigm
2. Assessing Your Paradigm
3. Technology of Change
4. Mounting Paradigm Pressure
5. Living Life Like a Quarterback
6. Moore's Law
7. Photonics
8. Internet
9. InfoWhelm
10. Disruptive Technology
11. Time for Education to Catch Up
12. Education in The Future
13. New Skills for a New World
14. New Roles for Educators
15. What Does the Future Hold?
16. Another Look at the Future
17. The Need for Vision

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