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The Best of Corwin: Inclusive Practices

The Best of Corwin: Inclusive Practices

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Inclusive Education

September 2011 | 208 pages | Corwin

Insights on inclusion from acclaimed authors

The Best of Corwin series showcases key chapters from critically acclaimed Corwin publications for a powerful compilation of perspectives on important education issues and topics. The Best of Corwin: Inclusive Practices features a variety of stellar authors who advocate for students with special needs as integral learners who deserve a high-quality education with their peers. This compilation offers proven inclusion strategies and seamlessly translates research into pragmatic classroom applications for general and special educators. Essential topics include:

  • Strategies for creating standards-based IEPs
  • Proven teaching practices for reaching all learners
  • Tools for effective co-teaching
  • Ideas for curriculum and assessment accommodations
  • Ways to build successful home-school partnerships

The authors provide strategies that span primary and secondary grades and apply across the disciplines to capitalize upon the strengths of teachers, leaders, students, and families. Inclusion is more than a possibility when professionals possess the knowledge, skills, positive attitudes, and professional resources to help all learners achieve success.

Toby J. Karten
Toby J. Karten
About the Editor
About the Contributors
Toby J. Karten
1. Examining the Research Base and Legal Considerations in Special Education
Mara Sapon-Shevin
2. CIVICS: An Agenda for Our Schools
Victor Nolet and Margaret J. McLaughlin
3. A Decision-Making Process for Creating IEPs That Lead to Curriculum Access
M. C. Gore
4. The Locks on the Doors to Learning
Toby J. Karten
5. How Teachers Teach: Good Practices for All
Richard A. Villa, Jacqueline S. Thousand, and Ann I. Nevin
6. What Is Co-Teaching?
June E. Downing
7. Teaching Core Curriculum to Students With Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities
Spencer J. Salend
8. Determining and Implementing Valid and Appropriate Testing Accommodations
Bob Algozzine, Ann P. Daunic, and Stephen W. Smith
9. Effective Home-School Partnerships

"A book that does a nice job helping readers build a background and theory base while also offering practical suggestions. Graphic organizers, a student referral planner, scenarios, questions for study and reflection, IEP creation, co-teaching and testing accommodations provides multiple uses for multiple audiences."

Cindy DeAngelis, Assistant Principal
Johnnycake Corners Elementary School, Galena, OH

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