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36 Tools for Building Spirit in Learning Communities

36 Tools for Building Spirit in Learning Communities

May 2006 | 192 pages | Corwin
Even before the No Child Left Behind Act, there was much discouragement about educational institutions. Now, with a focus on high-level accountability, the mood in schools has dropped even further. Many schools are overcrowded and face the task of educating students from varied and sometimes broken environments. Test scores often stay low in spite of great effort expended to improve them. Many teachers are in desperate need of retooling.

All of this can combine to produce a bleak atmosphere of failure. In the midst of improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment--and while working hard to improve students' test scores--attention needs to be spent on nurturing the human spirit so that this challenging task can continue with hope and confidence.

This resource helps educators learn successful ways to respond to today's increasing diversity among both student body and faculty. The author looks at what school leaders must do to invigorate and sustain the spirits of members of their learning communities as they drive toward achieving demanding goals. Practical tools and strategies in every chapter help speed the translation from theory to practice, and planning templates and completed samples offer essential elements needed for change.

Introduction - Overview
Chapter 1 - Implementing Participative Processes
Chapter 2 - Illuminating Visible Achievements
Chapter 3 - Developing Common Understandings
Chapter 4 - Leading Guided Reflections
Chapter 5 - Proclaiming Victorious Stories
Chapter 6 - Rehearsing Community Building Rituals
Chapter 7 - Creating Powerful Symbols
List of Tables and Figures

"A master at facilitating groups, Williams offers 36 tools that are grounded in years of practical experience for helping teams turn the change process into manageable, user-friendly tasks. He reinvigorates learning communities with spirit, vigor, and mutual support as they address their specific challenges."

Robin Fogarty, President
Robin Fogarty and Associates
Key features
  • New perspectives for school morale building in stressful times
  • Filled with tools for school leaders and training facilitators
  • Wealth of activities
  • Beneficial for all schools but must-have for schools experiencing difficulty in carrying out their educational mission.
  • Over 50 charts and forms speed immediate implemenation

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