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What's next? Balanced Literacy

With a renewed sense of what balanced literacy is (and is not) and the exploration of balanced literacy skills, text types, instructional groupings, reading and writing, and participation during Corwin Institutes it is time to consider  – what comes next?

Begin transforming your classroom and build a strong literacy foundation, while implementing the ideal balance of high impact learning experiences that will work to engage and excite all learners. Utilizing intentionally designed learning activities, purposeful selection of instructional materials, evidence-based teaching methods, and strategic groupings of students based on assessment data, teachers will strike the right balance of skills and knowledge to maximize student learning.

Corwin’s Balanced Literacy Workshops, orchestrated by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, books, and free resources are tools to aid you in your next steps to developing a Balanced Literacy classroom.

Join the Community

Join the Community

Connect with our authors and engage with the Balanced Literacy community by submitting your questions or comments using #AskFisherFrey on Twitter! Grow as a reading and writing teacher while leading your students to grow as readers and writers. 



Measure Your Baseline

Looking for steps to support your Balanced Literacy classroom? Utilize this free resource to begin mapping out your plan and executing action items.

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Establish a Foundation

Establish a Foundation

Use our resources to begin your journey now! Download the introuduction to This is Balanced Literacy by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nancy Akhavan to provide deeper understanding into what Balanced Literacy is and how to harness it in your classroom.

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 Explore the books

This is Balanced Literacy

Literacy On Your Feet Guides

Get in contact with your Senior Professional Learning Advisor to start planning and implementing long-term, sustainable professional learning programs that make a positive impact on educators and student achievement and receive exclusive content to help you along your journey including webinars, podcasts, articles, eBooks, and more!


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