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virtual pd workshops

Draw a (virtual) crowd with virtual keynotes

virtual keynotes

High-energy virtual keynotes deliver big ideas to inspire large audiences. Hear from top leaders in K12 education, generate excitement, and create buy-in for your priorities.

  • Set the right tone to kick off major initiatives
  • Get the latest from John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and more
  • Ideal for large school districts, educational service agencies, and associations looking to engage a large audience


Featured Keynote Speakers

john hattie


John Hattie

  • Effective Feedback
  • Collaborative Impact
  • Mindframes for Success
  • Values-Led and Evidence-Informed Education: The Social Aspects of Learning

doug fisher


Douglas Fisher

  • PLC+
  • Teacher Clarity
  • Teacher Credibility
  • Distance Learning

nancy frey


Nancy Frey

  • PLC+
  • Teacher Clarity
  • Teacher Credibility
  • Distance Learning

gary howard


Gary Howard

  • Working for Systemic Equity
  • Leading for Equity


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