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Picture-Perfect Science Lessons

Picture-Perfect Science Lessons
Using Children's Books to Guide Inquiry, 3-6

Second Edition

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September 2012 | Corwin
Winner of 2011 Bronze EXCEL Award from Association Media & Publishing!

How do you improve upon perfection? For years, new and experienced elementary school teachers alike have extolled the virtues of Picture-Perfect Science Lessons—the expertly combined appeal of children's picture books with Standards-based science content. The award-winning, bestselling book presents ready-to-teach lessons, complete with student pages and assessments, that use high-quality fiction and nonfiction picture books to guide hands-on science inquiry.

This newly revised and expanded 2nd edition of Picture-Perfect Science Lessons manages to surpass the original. Classroom veterans Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan, who also coach teachers through nationwide workshops, know elementary educators are usually crunched for science instructional time and could often use refresher explanations of scientific concepts. So the authors added comprehensive background notes to each chapter and included new reading strategies.

They still show you exactly how to combine science and reading in a natural way with classroom-tested lessons in physical science, life science, and Earth and space science. And now they offer five brand-new lessons—"Batteries Included," "The Secrets of Flight," "Down the Drain," "If I Built a Car," and "Bugs!"—bringing the total to 20. As always, the appropriate National Science Education Standards are clearly identified throughout.

Picture-Perfect Science Lessons draws on such diverse—and engaging—books as Dr. Xargle's Book of Earthlets, A House for Hermit Crab, Rice Is Life, Oil Spill!, Sheep in a Jeep, The Perfect Pet, andWeird Friends: Unlikely Allies in the Animal Kingdom. As a result, both reluctant scientists and struggling readers will quickly find themselves absorbed in scientific discovery. You'll love how effective this book is, and your students will love learning about science.

About the Picture-Perfect Science Program
Lessons by Grade
Chapter 1: Why Read Picture Books in Science Class?
Chapter 2: Reading Aloud
Chapter 3: Teaching Science Through Inquiry
Chapter 4: BSCS 5E Instructional Model
Chapter 5: National Science Education Standards
Chapter 6: Earthlets: 'Dr. Xargle's Book of Earthlets' and 'Seven Blind Mice'
Chapter 7: Name that Shell!: 'Seashells by the Seashore' and 'A House for Hermit Crab'
Chapter 8: Rice is Life: 'Rice Is Life' and 'Rice'
Chapter 9: What's Poppin'?: 'Popcorn!'
Chapter 10: Mystery Pellets: 'White Owl, Barn Owl' and 'Butternut Hollow Pond'
Chapter 11: Close Encounters of the Symbiotic Kind: 'What's Eating You? Parasites--The Inside Story' and 'Weird Friends: Unlikely Allies in the Animal Kingdom'
Chapter 12: Turtle Hurdles: 'Turtle Watch' and 'Turtle, Turtles, Watch Out!'
Chapter 13: Oil Spill!: 'Prince William' and 'Oil Spill!'
Chapter 14: Sheep in a Jeep: 'Sheep in a Jeep'
Chapter 15: Sounds of Science: 'Sound' and 'The Remarkable Farkle McBride'
Chapter 16: Chemical Change Café: 'Pancakes, Pancakes!'
Chapter 17: The Changing Moon: 'Rise the Moon; The Moon Book' and 'Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me'
Chapter 18: Day and Night: 'Somewhere in the World Right Now'
Chapter 19: Grand Canyon: 'Erosion' and 'Grand Canyon: A Trail Through Time'
Chapter 20: Brainstorms: From Idea to Invention
Chapter 21: Bugs!: 'The Perfect Pet,' 'Bugs Are Insects,' 'Ant, Ant, Ant! (An Insect Chant)'
Chapter 22: Batteries Included: 'Electrical Circuits' and 'Too Many Toys'
Chapter 23: The Secrets of Flight: 'How People Learned to Fly' and 'Kids’ Paper Airplane Book'
Chapter 24: Down the Drain: 'Down the Drain: Conserving Water' and 'A Cool Drink of Water'
Chapter 25: If I Built a Car: 'If I Built a Car' and 'Inventing the Automobile'

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1:

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