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ELL Webinar

How to Break the Code of Academic Language: Your ELLs’ and SELs’ Bridge to More Rigorous Content

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 3:30pm

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Presented by Ivannia Soto, Jeff Zwiers, David and Yvonne Freeman, & Margarita Calderon

For ELLs and SELs, academic language mastery is the key to meeting and exceeding today’s rigorous content expectations. After all, how can our students possibly deliver adequate growth without first understanding the “language of school”? Join this all-star panel discussion led by Ivannia Soto on the four key components of academic language mastery and the best practices to cultivate them.

Listen in as:

  • Jeff Zwiers reveals the power of academic conversation in helping students develop language, clarify concepts, comprehend complex texts, and fortify thinking and relational skills.
  • David and Yvonne Freeman shatter the myth that academic language is all about vocabulary, revealing how grammar and syntax inform ELLs and SELs’ grasp of challenging text.
  •  Margarita Calderón describes how academic words are best taught as tools for completing and constructing more complex messages—not as an end in itself.
  • Series editor Ivannia Soto offers new insight on how culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy validates, facilitates, liberates, and empowers our diverse students.