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Facilitator's Guide to What Successful Teachers Do

Facilitator's Guide to What Successful Teachers Do

July 2005 | 32 pages | Corwin

Guide your teachers to greater proficiency with these research-based strategies for instruction, assessment, and classroom management!

This Facilitator's Guide to accompany the best-selling book, What Successful Teachers Do, by Neal A. Glasgow and Cathy D. Hicks, has been designed to provide staff developers and educational leaders with all the tools needed to design a workshop or study group based on the authors' 91 key strategies for improving and reenergizing classroom practice. This Facilitator's Guide follows the book closely, and features chapter-by-chapter study questions, activities, journal writing exercises, and practical application suggestions for each section.

Key topics from the book are examined, including discipline and classroom management, assessment, relating to students, working with special needs students, embracing diversity, and integrating technology in the classroom. In this essential resource, the authors follow up on the central themes from the book-the 91 strategies used by successful teachers-with clear examples for using them in instructional settings and tips for avoiding common pitfalls.

Highlights for the facilitator include:

  • Chapter summaries
  • Discussion questions
  • Journal writing exercises
  • Applications to daily practice
  • Sample workshop agendas
  • Timed activities
  • Workshop evaluation forms

This Facilitator's Guide will help illuminate teachers' understanding and use of the strategies in What Successful Teachers Do, and provide opportunities for reflection and dialogue. It can be used for individual study and for groups of any size-pairs, small groups, and large groups.

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About the Authors
How to Use the Guide

Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guide. What Successful Teachers Do: 91 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for New and Veteran Teachers by Neal A. Glasgow and Cathy D. Hicks

Chapter 1. Interacting and Collaborating With Students

Chapter 2. Managing Classroom Organization and Discipline

Chapter 3. Managing Classroom Time

Chapter 4. Organizing Curricular Goals, Lesson Plans, and Instructional Delivery

Chapter 5. Using Student Assessment and Feedback to Maximize Instructional Effectiveness

Chapter 6. Working With Special Needs Students

Chapter 7. Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom: Emphasizing the Positive in Cultural, Linguistic, Ethnic, and Gender Identity

Chapter 8. Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Chapters 9 and 10. Enhancing Teacher Self-Assessment and Reflection; Developing a Professional Identity

Chapter 11. Enhancing Professional Relationships With Colleagues

Chapter 12. Fostering a Positive Relationship With Parents

Sample Meeting, Workshop, or Seminar Agenda
Resource: Meeting, Workshop, or Seminar Evaluation Form

Sample Materials & Chapters


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