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Lynne Beachner

LYNNE BEACHNER, PhD, is principal of St. Francis Xavier School (SFX), in Kansas City, MO, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Educa­tion, Rockhurst University (RU). In 1998, St. Francis Xavier School and Rockhurst University entered into a formal partnership to strengthen the curricular offerings at SFX and enhance the training of preservice teachers at Rockhurst. SFX is located across the street from RU so the sharing of resources and staff has been an exciting venture.

Bear, Rachel

Rachel E. Bear

After 8 years as a classroom teacher, Rachel Bear spent two years as co-director of the Idaho Core Coaches for the Idaho State Department of Education, supporting teachers in implementing the Next Generation Standards. She currently is a Senior Program Associate for the National Writing Project (NWP).

Bearden, Susan

Susan Morrissette Bearden

Susan M. Bearden is the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, FL. A former teacher, she frequently presents about social media, education technology, and digital citizenship at national and state conferences including ISTE, FETC, CoSN, Miami Device, and the Digital Citizenship Summit.

Beattie, John

John R. Beattie

John Beattie earned his doctorate from the University of Florida in 1981. Following a period during which he taught in the Alachua County (FL) public schools, he joined the faculty at the University of Missouri- St. Louis in 1982. The following year a position became available at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and he began his tenure at UNCC at that time. He has been at UNCC since 1983.

Beatty, Brenda

Brenda Beatty

Dr. Brenda Beatty is designer and Director of the highly regarded Monash Master in School Leadership and the Mentoring for first Time Principals and Human Leadership: Developing People programs, delivered on behalf of the Victoria State School Department of Education. Dr. Beatty is a Senior Lecturer for the Faculty of Education at Monash University.

Beaudoin, Marie-Nathalie

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ph.D. is the Training Director of the Narrative Therapy program at Bay Area Family Therapy Training Associates (BAFTTA) where she supervises the counseling of doctoral interns in schools from three school districts in Silicon Valley, California. In her private practice, she enjoys working with young people, their families, and their schools, on a wide variety of issues.