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Bakis, Maureen

Maureen M. Bakis

Maureen Bakis is a mother of four children and has been teaching English at Masconomet Regional High School in Topsfield, Massachusetts for seven years. Maureen presents her experiences teaching graphic novels to high school students at local, regional, and national conferences and events, most recently New York Comic Con, Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and New England Comics in the Classroom.

Balch, Bradley

Bradley V. Balch

Dr. Bradley Balch is currently the Chairperson for the Department of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Foundations at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. Formerly, Dr. Balch served as a teacher, building administrator, and superintendent. In addition to his current capacity as a school board president, Dr. Balch also serves as a facilitator and consultant to school boards on leadership and governance issues.

Baldwin, Alexinia

Alexinia Y. Baldwin

Alexinia Y. Baldwin is a professor emeritus in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. She is a specialist in Education of the Gifted with emphasis on the minority gifted child. Her arti­cles and chapters on this topic appear in many journals and textbooks. She developed the Baldwin Identification Matrix, which is used by many school districts and has co-edited a text titled The Many Faces of Giftedness: Lifting the Masks.

Balka, Don

Don S. Balka

Consulting DescriptionDon S. Balka, Ph.D., is a noted mathematics educator who has presented more than 2,000 workshops on the use of math manipulatives with PK-12 students at national and regional conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and at in-service trainings in school districts throughout the United States and the world.