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What's #CorwinTalks

#CorwinTalks is our monthly Twitter chat series. Each chat is moderated by one of our fantastic authors and each chat has to do with their particular area of educational expertise, usually the same topic as their books. 

Ababio-Fernandez, Ruby

Ruby Ababio-Fernandez

Ruby Ababio-Fernandez is the executive vice president of programming and development at Courageous Conversation© and comes to the work with over twenty-three years of educational experience and an unyielding commitment to a vision of transforming lives of adults and children as well as transforming communities and school systems. Dr.

Rob Abernathy

Rob Abernathy is an instructor at the University of Phoenix and the University of California at Irvine.

About Corwin Author Consulting

When you partner with Corwin, you can expect world-class training, superior customer service, and a sustainable professional learning plan completely tailored to your needs. The quality and breadth of expertise we offer with over 200 consultants each bringing years of experience in education is unparalleled. Whether you are just getting started or you want to improve upon the work your team is already doing, you’ll want the ongoing support of our authors to keep you on track.