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educators and the students they teach. We firmly believe that compelling … How does the proposed content address major teaching, learning, and/or … Science, STEM, Technology, and General Methods lists. As an Acquisitions …

Clark-Louque, Angela

Angela R. Clark-Louque

Teaching … Dr. Clark-Louque continues to teach advanced human resources, qualitative research methods, and leadership courses to aspiring and practicing …

Howard, Nicol

Nicol R. Howard

District and the Santa Ana Unified School District. She currently teachesmethods. Her personal research interests are in the effective use of technology …

Mendler, Allen

Allen N. Mendler

Time, provides practical easy-to-read tips and specific methods for … recognized for his distinguished teaching in the areas of discipline, behavior …

Jason Millman

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Jason Millman, a Cornell University professor of education and an expert on standardized testing methods, died Feb. 22 in Lake … professor, teaching educational research methodology. He was named a professor …