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Baumberger, Julie

Julie P. Baumberger

Julie P. Baumberger is an associate professor at the Ross School of Medicine (Dominica, West Indies), where she has a joint appointment in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and the Counseling Center. She also teaches …

Margaret M. Thombs

Margaret Thombs is an associate professor of education specializing in instructional technology at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. She has taught secondary mathematics and computer science

Martha S. Worley

a master of science degree from Vanderbilt University. Worley, Martha …

Patrick, Helen

Helen Patrick

focusing on ways to successfully integrate teaching “big ideas” of science

Lori A. Wingate

development, science literacy, technology literacy, and transportation.  She …

Flynn, Laura

Laura A. Flynn

Laura Flynn received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1992, and followed with her Master of Arts in Elementary Education in 1994, from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque …

Harrison, David

David L. Harrison

colleges. David holds two science degrees and two honorary doctorates of …

Anderson, Heather

Heather L. Anderson

English and higher level Spanish at Health Sciences High and Middle College …

Diane L. Ronis

Based Learning for Math & Science: Integrating Inquiry and the …

Alexander, Linda

Linda Alexander

Arts in Political Science from The Ohio State University and Masters …

Sofman, Randi

Randi B. Sofman

for Teaching Science: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do …

Ben Jaafar, Sonia

Sonia Ben Jaafar

science education; and a BSc in biochemistry. Ben Jaafar, Sonia …