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Dubitsky, Barbara

Barbara Dubitsky

Street College of Education, is the Director of the Mathematics Leadership … private schools to help teachers build their capacity to teach mathematics … taught two short mathematics courses online. Dr. Dubitsky has worked with …

Hal R. Melnick

a mathematics professional developer in public and private schools both in the … knowledge as they teach mathematics and on helping teachers reflect on their own beliefs about mathematics teaching and its affect on student …

Allison, Sandra

Sandra Allison

secondary mathematics, and special education. She has presented at local … certifications in secondary mathematics, elementary education, hearing impaired … National Boards certification in AYA Mathematics. Allison received an …

Thunder, Kateri

Kateri Thunder

a mathematics specialist, an assistant professor of mathematics education at James … Virginia). Kateri is an author for Corwin's Visible Learning for Mathematics … of Qualitative Metasynthesis for Mathematics Education with Dr …

Judah L. Schwartz

theoretical physics and mathematics and did research for some years in the area … be useful in the teaching of mathematics and science. His current … to improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics and the …

Online Math Routines

mathematics veteran Theresa Wills translates all we know about research-based, equitable, rigorous face-to-face mathematics instruction into an online … …

Miller, Scott

Scott Andrew Miller

Scott Miller is currently a mathematics department chair in the Chicago area, where he collaborates with 26 math teachers in … Scott has been instrumental as a K-12 project leader in mathematics

Rothstein, Evelyn

Evelyn B. Rothstein

her strategy-based Writing As Learning and Write for Mathematics … Writing as Learning and Write for Mathematics. Rothstein is …

Diane L. Ronis

school and high school mathematics and fine arts as well as eight years of … Mathematics, Brain Compatible Assessments, Critical Thinking in Math, Problem …

Books for Math

Put the Visible Learning for Mathematics research into practice with these books. Books for Math …

Mundry, Susan

Susan E. Mundry

WestEd and the associate director of WestEd’s Mathematics, Science, and … Mathematics Initiative, a professional development program for elementary and middle grades teachers aimed at increasing student outcomes in mathematics