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In addition to the titles published by our imprint Corwin Literacy, Corwin also publishes general titles on reading, writing, literacy teaching methods, technology in the literacy classroom, and more.  On these pages, you will find a mix of titles from Corwin Literacy as well as our more general literacy titles. 

Literacy Engagement Guide

Design literacy instruction that keeps students engaged

Engagement, that game-changing but decidedly illusive quality, can make the difference between a lesson that leads to deep and meaningful learning and one that falls as flat as the bored faces of students.

Download this free Literacy Guide to explore the top strategies and tactics to drive student engagement during literacy instruction. This ebook includes three powerful articles from literacy experts. Inside, you'll find:

Corwin Literacy Author Consultants

Why Are Corwin Literacy Author Consultants in Such Demand?

Because each and every one is so profoundly committed to students and teachers, and to making every school in America crackle with intellectual and creative spark. Corwin Literacy Author Consultants offer one- two-, and three-day workshops and multiday residencies on subjects as diverse as