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Jackson, Sharnell

Sharnell S. Jackson

and Instructional Technology from NASA Fellowship at Wheeling Jesuit … Sharnell S. Jackson is a nationally recognized instructional … evidence to inform teachers’ instructional planning, and by using multiple …

Brown, Abbie

Abbie H. Brown

Abbie H. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University and an MA from Teachers College … Instruction (Houghton Mifflin). He has taught at the Bank Street School for …

Borg, Susan

Susan K. Borg

company. She is formerly the associate superintendent for instruction and … collaboration of six instructional and data accountability departments at the … importance of the integration of the innovation and technology into …

Edgar, Stephanie

Stephanie L. Edgar

is formerly the Director of Campus Instructional Support in a large … technology. Mrs. Edgar has provided in-depth training in the areas of planning … consultations, critical conversations, instructional best practices, student and …

Jianjun Adam Wang

Jianjun (Adam) Wang is senior instructional technology specialist at Williams College. He has been responsible for … educators. He has served as an instructor in technology courses and made …

Anderson, Steven

Steven W. Anderson

Director of Instructional Technology, he is highly sought after for his expertise in educational technology integration and using social media for … serve students through technology. Steven has been a presenter at several …

Ross, John

John D. Ross

board room better understand how technology integration enhances school … version of the popular training on technology integration for K-12 leaders …, which is based on the work of the Integrated Technology in Education …

Graham, Michael

Michael J. Graham

his role as assistant principal he manages and develops technology related professional development that improves instruction for teachers at … Michael taught 8th grade math for 5 years and was the instructional

Berkowicz, Jill

Jill Berkowicz

practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology, as they … instruction, and technology, equal access to quality teaching was the foundation … through technology, high-stakes portfolios, and rigorous learning …

Marilyn L. Page

Massachusetts in Amherst in Instructional Leadership and in Educational Media and Instructional Technology. She consults on novice teacher, reform, classroom … technology coordinator for education programs at two universities and developed …

Foltos, Lester

Lester (Les) Joseph Foltos

development and implementation of the District’s K-12 Instructional Technology … teacher leaders to help colleagues to integrate technology into 21st Century … Prior to this he served as the Director of Instructional

Schaaf, Ryan

Ryan L. Schaaf

school teacher, instructional leader, curriculum designer, and a technology … is the Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Notre Dame of … effective instructional strategy in the classroom …