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Easton, Lois

Lois E. Brown Easton

of Education as English/Language Arts Coordinator, establishing the … language arts organizations. She was President of the Arizona EnglishLanguage Arts Essential Skills, the state’s first standards-based curriculum …

Pursuing Progress

students are English language learners (and in some of the schools, the share … Progress (CAASPP) scores from last year showed that English learners (32 … for English learners, which will see full implementation beginning in …

Our Impact

English Language Learners Case Studies The … and districts establish the climate, protocols, common language, and …

Neagoy, Monica

Monica M. Neagoy

abroad, whether speaking English, French, or Spanish, Monica’s life-long … exposure to many cultures, mastery of several languages, double career in the … Annenberg Learner). Monica was educated in the French school …

Evans, Jenna

Jenna L. Evans

rewrites the Kindergarten English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum to ensure … appropriate instruction that reaches all learners alike. Jenna is a leader in …

Common Causes of the Achievement Gaps

ethnicity, language, and economic status continue to be powerful predictors of … class, English speaking America, are also most vulnerable to being … gaps in practices that disproportionately affected struggling learners

Maria G. Ott

for English language learners. Dr. Ott has earned numerous …