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Stewart, Mary

Mary Amanda Stewart

literacy and language development across content areas using a variety of authentic texts. Viewing language learners as multilinguals, she works with … about languages, literacies, and literature! She brings these areas …

Noma R. LeMoine

include language and literacy acquisition in Standard English Learner (SEL … Standard English Learner Populations. She has written and spoken extensively … American Standard English Learners (SELs …

Carol N. Dixon

processes, particularly to English Language Learners. Dixon, Carol …

Franco, Carmella

Carmella S. Franco

school district settings, all with high English Language Learner student …

Christopher P. Street

California, Santa Barbara. Chris has taught English language learners at both …

Kottler, Ellen

Ellen Kottler

for Teachers, English Language Learners in Your Classroom …

Burton, Dolores

Dolores T. Burton

populations; African American males, English Language Learners, students with …

Egelson, Paula

Pauline E. Egelson

school improvement and English language learners products for PreK-12 …

PLC+ Consultants

College. He has served as a teacher, language development specialist, and … such as Assessment-capable Visible Learners and Engagement … Literacy and Social Studies in VVSD for 2 years, after serving as the English

Gregory, Gayle

Gayle H. Gregory

• Differentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades K–6 and Differentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades 7–12 … • Differentiating Instruction With Style: Aligning Teacher and Learner Intelligences …

Darling, Sandra

Sandra K. Darling

modifications to close the gap in achievement for diverse learners, i.e., students from poverty, diverse cultures, and English language learners. She …